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China highway passenger television media network founder and operator

   Beijing Unimedia advertising limited liability company was established in 2008October, is China's highway passenger television network UNIMEDIA founder and independent operators, China highway passenger television media network is established in the country more than 3000passenger station of highway of national commercial television advertising media platform. Relying on the national traffic ministries and industry support, the media has a strong resource monopoly.

Forms of media: in countrywide key city of more than 3000passenger station of highway of high density covering the installation42-52village video display terminal. Advertising scraper device so as to realize highway passenger station stream of people congregate to disseminate hot. Nine in the operation of the Chinese highway passenger television media network, currently has coverage of the 23provinces of more than 3000passenger station. Media terminal point of more than 20000, annual passenger volume coverage30600000000 person-time, has China's largest media coverage and the minimum cost per thousand, have strong communication value. With the information, industry information, highlights the combination of media content strategy, so that the audience media attention than other similar media promotes considerably, effective arrival rate than similar media 3.27times.